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SMB Backup Solution
iBackup CDP Appliance is a high-performance server backup appliance that enables disk-based data protection and recovery for servers and workstations running Windows or Linux operating systems in a physical or virtual enviroment. iBackup CDP Appliance protects disk volume data using replication and synchronization over the network, storing point-in-time snapshots in disk-based storage (Disk Safe).

Cost Saving Solution
  • Make use of voip to reduce your phone bill, pass as low as 8 cent per min to China, UK and etc
  • Reduce power factor to save money for your electrical bill
  • Automated email newsletter, reduce man power and cost of postage
  • Make use of LED to reduce your electrical bill and running cost
  • Reduce printing cost by using the ideal brand and model of printer
  • Go Green to reduce your business running cost and increase your sales
  • Speed up your old computer rather then keeping it at your store room
  • It is not a must to buy Original software, freeware might be available.
  • Use solar to power your air-con at home or office

    Paperless Queue Management System
  • This system is provided user to sign up and queue for the service.
  • Enable owner or VIP customer to login and check for the current waiting list via notebook or mobile phone easily.
  • Allow staff to records time taken for each customer, add announcement and changing category.
  • Admin is able to check waiting time for each customer, which staff taken longer time to serve a customer, checking daily and montly report.

    Data Security Solution
    File Encryption Module (FEM), the latest and powerful module, automatically encrypts files for authorized end users transparently. It allows you to maintain data security without affecting end users productivity. If the encrypted files are opened outside the authorized environment, they cannot be accessed and recognized. FEM allows you to protect confidential information and fulfills company compliance regulations. It helps you to prevent data leakage and control data access, All data will be secured no matter they are stored on hard drives, removable storages, or even transferred via Internet. Using the FEM, you can share the important business information with your partners, consultants, vendors, offsite contractors or anyone you work with without any worry.

    iPhone, iPod and iPad Solution
  • How to make a contact group
  • How to manage my calendar, contact and note on my PC
  • Managing your to do list on your mobile device and PC

    Data Monitoring Solution
    This solution helps organizations protect data security, manage Internet usage, and simplify IT systems management. It enables organizations to avoid costly loss of data leaks, regulate users` Internet and PC activity, and effectively manage IT systems.
  • Prevent data leaks
  • End Internet abuse
  • Reduce workplace slackers
  • Avoid legal disputes
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Stop employee sabotage
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Boost system uptime

    Phone, PDA and MID consultation
  • Which device should I buy? Phone, PDA or MID?
  • Should I use Palm OS, Web OS, iOS or Android?
  • Which brand should I buy?
  • Where to buy those device?
  • How much does those device cost?
  • Any To-Do lists software that support Cloud on multiple device?
  • What are the advancetage and also the dis-advantage of those device? Most seller refuse to tell you the dis-advantage.

    Paperless Fax Solution
  • No more fax machines, paper or toner
  • All you need is an email account
  • Send faxes instantly - no more waiting
  • More than 1,000,000,000 faxes delivered since 1997
  • Service available in 49 countries
  • Choose numbers from 4,300 cities worldwide

  • Internet Consultation and Solution
  • Have you ever face any problem with your web site or email?
  • Do not know where or how to renew your domain name or web hosting
  • You do not have a full time IT staff for your company
  • Need some advice for you making any decision
  • Do not know which server farm or hosting company to use
  • RM150 per hour