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Paperless Queue System
  • This system is provided user to sign up and queue for the service.
  • Enable owner or VIP customer to login and check for the current waiting list via notebook or mobile phone easily.
  • Allow staff to records time taken for each customer, add announcement and changing category.
  • Admin is able to check waiting time for each customer, which staff taken longer time to serve a customer, checking daily and montly report.
Problem Faced?
  • Paper cost?
  • Waited long time without service?
  • Standing all the time?
  • People cut your queue?
  • Stress & Impatient?
  • Manual Document Mess Up Easily?
  • High Cost?
  • No Annoucements
  • Limited Category
Why Queue System?
  • Paperless
  • Pre-Registration
  • Average Waiting Time Taken
  • Efficient in Customer Service
  • Total Customers Served Daily
  • Check Daily/Monthly Report Easily
  • Backup Reports
  • Lower Costing
  • No Wiring Required
  • Daily Announcements
  • Unlimited Category
  • Enable/Disable Category
  • Remote Access