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GPS Training - Introduction
This is a short introduction on how does GPS works, GPS hardware, GPS software and GPS Map. A live demo will also be provided during the introduction too. With a minimum of 2 people, we could start a session for you in our show room.
  • For on-site training at your office in Penang Island
  • Required a minimum of 3 people.

  • GPS Training Workshop
    What is the course about?
    This easy-to-understand presentation provides a basic introduction to the subject. It shows you what these systems can do to assist your navigation, considers the limitations, explains GPS jargon and reviews the types of products available. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and there will be time to look at different GPS after the presentation.

    Is this course right for you?
    This is aimed both at those of you who are totally new to this technology and may be thinking of buying a GPS or digital map as well as those who may just be generally interested in the subject. You probably would not either own a GPS or have any experience of using one, do not worry any jargon used will be explained as we go along. The course is a basic introduction and is not aimed at those who already have a GPS.

    What is the course designed to achieve?
    The aim is that you will understand the advantages of this new technology and feel confident that you would not waste your money buying unsuitable products.

    What will I learn?
    By the end of the training you should:
  • appreciate what a GPS can and cannot do to help you stay safe out on the hills
  • understand the meaning of some basic GPS & digital map terms. eg. waypoint, track, route, goto
  • recognise the advantages of using a digital map in conjunction with a GPS
  • be able to choose a GPS and map system to suit your needs.

  • What is in the course?
  • What is a GPS?: how does it work?; how accurate is it?
  • GPS manufacturers and products - the difference between them, end user needs
  • GPS -battery; power; display; etc.
  • Waypoints, Gotos, Routes and Tracks
  • How a GPS could help you find your destination if you get lost
  • What a GPS cannot do, limitations of GPS, safety issues
  • Digital maps: what is available; what they will do;
  • GPS vs map & compass
  • Route construction with a digital map
  • Future trends in GPS & digital maps.

  • Price : RM 280.00 per person