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Internet Gateway
  • 1. Unblock Skype, VoIP, YouTube and sites
  • Unblocks all online services, websites and content. You can access your favourite services from anywhere! This gives you 100% freedom internet!

  • 2. No VoIP blocking and rate limitations
  • With this service you will be able to make VoIP internet calls from any internet connection. Nobody can restrict VoIP calls.

  • 3. Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK
  • Watch BBC iPlayer and other TV outside UK with UK gateway server. Do not miss your favourite TV programs when traveling outside UK.

  • 4. Watch Hulu outside US
  • Watch movies and other TV outside US with US gateway server. Do not miss your favourite TV programs when traveling outside US.

  • 5. Your data security on public Wi-Fi HotSpots
  • This encrypts all your traffic on unprotected public Wi-Fi HotSpots. It protects your personal data like passwords, card numbers, etc. from being stolen by password sniffers.

  • 6. Your unrestricted internet access
  • Bypass all your ISP limitations restrictions and filters. Enjoy unrestricted VoIP, and other favourite content.

  • 7. Your european public IP address
  • Get your own european public IP every time you connect to the internet. This gives you really worldwide accessible public IP. You can switch anytime between gateway servers and get UK, CZ, US or SK IP.

  • 8. High speed internet connection
  • Many gateway service providers give you bad a connection speed. We give you a high speed internet connection and no bandwidth limitations!

    Duration of training: 1 hour
    Price: RM 80 per person