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Practical Workshop for Solar Energy
Towards Cost Saving, Greener & Smarter Building

The exploding interest in solar power and renewable energy creates a tremendous demand for all levels of solar training in solar power technology, solar application, solar energy system installation and solar power equipment usage.

Ccs assists its solar installers and dealers in meeting this challenge with an expanding menu of solar training options and resources.

Learn more about solar PV design and installation from us. Our 4 hours training classes are the best way to learn the fundamentals of solar system design and installation. We are considered the first solar training organization in Penang, Malaysia since 2008 and these classes are always in great demand, so book your seat now.

  • What is solar energy
  • Types of solar electric panels.
  • Solar panel system components.
  • Types of Solar panel systems.
  • Solar Electric VS. Solar hot water.
  • Sizing your solar electric system.
  • Costing your solar electric system.
  • Payback of your solar electric system.
  • Solar panel maintenance.
  • How much solar panel do you need for your air-con.

  • Note: Minimum 2 people to start your own class for the Solar Workshop.
    Price : RM 280.00 per person