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Introduction to Voice over IP (VoIP) - Cost Saving
VoIP is the ability to make telephone calls and send faxes over IP-based data networks with a suitable quality of service (QoS) and superior cost/benefit. Everyone is talking about VoIP and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Equipment developers and manufacturers see a window of opportunity to innovate and compete. They are busy developing new VoIP-enabled equipment attempting to break into the market in time. Internet service providers see the possibility of competing with the PSTN for customers. Users are interested in the integration of voice and data applications in addition to the cost savings.

Training Duration: 1 hour
Training Seats: 2 to 3 people per class
Language: English
Fee: RM80

Syllabus cover
Introduction to VOIP, installation of the software, making call using voip, making payment into your account, bandwidth test, creating group, adding contact into your address book and sending sms.

What to bring: Pen or Pencil, notepad or scrapbook to take your own notes